The Average Relationship Timeline: First Kiss to Wedded Bliss

Knowing the right time to approach relationship milestones is tricky business. Move too slow and you could end up wondering “what might have been.” Move too fast and you could end up making some big mistakes. Everyone knows only the fools rush in, right?

To help you make better decisions, we’ve created the easy-to-use interactive relationship timeline below. If you’re wondering if now is the right time to say “I love you” or meet the parents, use the dropdowns to see when other people decided to take the next steps in their relationship.

Over three thousand survey participants provided their ‘Ideal’ milestone timeline—the amount of time people should wait before taking the next step in their relationship. However, when we compared their ‘Ideal’ timeline to their ‘Actual’ timeline, the results showed that people are moving much faster than they recommend.

At Zoosk, we want to help you build a successful relationship from the first date to every milestone that follows.


Relationship Timeline of US Couples

How long should couples wait to hit the next milestone in their relationship? How long did they actually wait?

We surveyed over 3,300 people across the US about their dating and relationship experiences. The ‘Ideal’ timeline shows how long survey respondents think others should wait before hitting each milestone, whereas the ‘Actual’ timeline shows how long they waited in their own relationships.


Use the Gender and Age Group buttons to find out when others reach relationship milestones. Zoom in on a particular milsetone by clicking the icon at the bottom of the screen.






Week 4
Week 3
Week 2
Week 1
Week 0
Week 8
Week 7
Week 6
Week 5
Week 12
Week 11
Week 10
Week 9
Week 16
Week 15
Week 14
Week 13
Week 20
Week 19
Week 18
Week 17
Week 24
Week 23
Week 22
Week 21
Week 28
Week 27
Week 26
Week 25
Week 32
Week 31
Week 30
Week 29
Week 36
Week 35
Week 34
Week 33
Week 40
Week 39
Week 38
Week 37
Week 44
Week 43
Week 42
Week 41
Week 48
Week 47
Week 46
Week 45
Week 52
Week 51
Week 50
Week 49
Week 56
Week 55
Week 54
Week 53
Week 60
Week 59
Week 58
Week 57
Week 64
Week 63
Week 62
Week 61
Week 68
Week 67
Week 66
Week 65
Week 72
Week 71
Week 70
Week 69
Week 76
Week 75
Week 74
Week 73
Week 80
Week 79
Week 78
Week 77
0 Months
5 Months
10 Months
15 Months
20 Months


Have Sex
Make It Official
Discuss Relationship History
I Love You
Vacation Together
Life Commitment