Congratulations to Christina and Hans from Lawrence, Kansas!

As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than the destination. Christina is enjoying her love journey with Hans.

She writes:

“Hans messaged me on Zoosk. I liked his profile, so I messaged him back and we began chatting. A month later, we met up at a TGI Fridays. As soon as we sat down and started talking, I knew we were perfect for each other. We ended up losing track of time and staying at the restaurant until they shut down on us. Two weeks later, he told me that he loved me! We’ve been inseparable ever since then. We’ve met each others families, been on trips together, and are now planning a future together. We’re so lucky we found each other. Thank you for helping me find the love if my life. I couldn’t be happier.”

You’re very welcome, Christina! We wish you two a future full of fun and adventure. 🙂


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