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100,000,000 matches and counting

Lately, I have seen a ton of folks announcing hitting milestones in their communities and celebrating them all. So I thought about major milestones that Zoosk has hit recently. It turns out we had a few of our own this summer:

100,000,000 Matches

On August 21st, we crossed 100 million conversation mark. In other words, since Zoosk’s birthday, we have enabled 100 million pairs to match and have conversations with each other through Zoosk. Some of these matches have turned into friendly flirts, some into dates, and some into relationships that will last for a long time. We have already received invitations to some of the weddings that have happened through Zoosk and know of Zoosk babies that are due soon :-). We always love to hear Zoosk stories, so please share yours.

8,000,000 Zooskers

About three weeks later, the number of users on Zoosk crossed 8 million which makes for a very big, happy family. These Zooskers are coming from almost all countries on the planet speaking many languages which makes for a very fun family reunion party.

We here at Zoosk have had a ton fun helping to grow this community to where it is today and we are very thankful to every single Zoosker for making the site a better place by their presence. But we are just getting started. Zoosk isn’t even one year old and these milestones, as impressive as they are, will only be the stepping stones for bigger things for the Zoosk community.

The interesting thing is that we didn’t even notice that we have crossed these milestones. Our team is super focused on making the experience better for our users everyday and these milestones are simply byproducts of making our users happier with Zoosk.

Happy Zoosking!

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