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How to Create a Date Card That Doesn’t Suck

Yes, that’s right. Your Date Card is the first impression you make on a potential match, so it’s important to get it right.

Below are a few tips to help make sure your online dating profile is really working for you. If you’re looking for more ideas, or would like some feedback on your Date Card, visit the Zoosk community.

1. Don’t just tell; show what you are all about. Instead of telling what kind of person you are, let your personality reveal itself.  List your favorite songs instead of saying something like “I like alternative rock.”  Better yet, link your Netflix or Last.fm accounts to your Zoosk Date Card so prospective dates can see the movie titles and songs you enjoy.

2. Use spell check! Don’t type lyk u spended teh laste 10 yeers uv ur lyfe doin IM.  Your computer has spell check. Use it.  A sloppy profile reflects poorly on you as a person.  It implies that you don’t care or are not putting much effort into finding a date.  We know that is not true, because why else would you be Zoosking?

3.  Keep your profile updated. You have created a profile and uploaded a picture, but don’t stop there. On a weekly basis, make updates to your profile.  Add new pictures and new information about your interests. By sharing that you enjoy hiking and would like to hike Mountain XYZ near you, you may grab the attention of a compatible match who’d love to spend that experience together with you on a first date.

4.  Involve your friends. Before you develop your profile, send an email to your friends and ask them for three things about you that you should include.  You may be surprised at the results.  For example, your friends may think that you have a generous personality, but perhaps you never thought of yourself that way.  Invite your friends to play the role of online wing man (or woman) by inviting them to add a testimonial about you to your Zoosk Date Card.

5.  Outsmart the computer. Computers can find potential matches for you based on data like height or location, but here’s the reality – humans like anecdotes. Zoosk allows you to include information on your profile that tells the story about you.  You can include information such as: What would be your ideal vacation? When you eat out, what do you like to eat? What was your best job ever and why? Share those kinds of details about yourself and your chances for finding a compatible date will increase exponentially.

Do you have a good Date Card tip to share? Head to the Zoosk community and share it with your fellow Zooskers, or leave us a comment below.

Happy Zoosking!

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