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Photo Gallery and Ignore Features

Two of the most requested features on Zoosk have been the ability to include more photos
in date cards and to block certain flirts. We are happy to announce that with our most recent release,
we have added both of these capabilities.

Photo Gallery

Zoosk Photo Gallery Now, you can go to your date card and add more photos for others to see. We have tried to keep the process super simple. You can click on the ‘Edit’ link in front of the ‘Your Photos’ heading or on the red box below your primary photo. Both of them take you to the gallery page where you can add more photos, remove old ones, or change your primary photo.

Once you upload a photo, it might take a few minutes for our system to process it, after which it will show up on your date card. Your primary photo is always loaded by default with other photos having their thumbnail version show up below it. Viewers of your date card can click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of each photo.

Ignore User

It has happened to all of us, sometimes we get approached by people we don’t really want to communicate with for whatever reason. Sometimes it’s the language they use to start a conversation and at times it’s pure personal choice. Whatever the reason, we don’t want to hear back from them again. Well, now on Zoosk you can easily manage who can communicate with you.

Zoosk Ignore User

Simple go to your ZooskBox, find the person you don’t want to hear back from and click on the ‘Ignore User’ action. You will not see any flirts from them until you remove them from your ignore list (you can manage that in your settings page). They will not know that you have ignored them so no feelings will be hurt.

We hope these features improve your Zoosk experience. As always feel free to let us know what you think. We are always listening.

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