Moving in Together: A Big Step in Your Romantic Journey

By Beth Budwig

Moving in can be a great test of any relationship… sometimes the final test. But if you two are meant to be, you can make living together work! Here are two secrets for success in living together:

1. Treat your partner like a roommate… at least terms of respect and courtesy.

• Be courteous of their space – give them alone time, and be sure to take your own. Consider having your own room/desk/corner if possible.

• Clean up after yourself, at least in all common spaces.

• Don’t nag your partner any more than you would nag a roommate — try to compliment them when they clean up or decorate rather than complaining when they don’t.

2. But don’t just treat your partner like a roommate. This may seem like a contradiction, but it’s important to keep your romance alive.

• Don’t just stay at home all the time — have nights out together. Movies, nice dinners, or late-night walks all help to shake up your at-home routine.

• Bring home flowers, chocolates, beers, whatever tickles your partner’s fancy — at least once a month, for no reason other than affection.

• Make sure to keep the bedroom clean and attractively decorated, to encourage intimacy. Having your own special space together leads to more fun!

Remember, living together can be a big step to take, but it can also tell you a lot about your partner and your romantic future together. If you can sort out doing the dishes or having a pet, chances are you’ll be prepared for some bigger stuff later on. Just stay polite while keeping the fire alive!

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About the author: Beth Budwig is happily married to a man who cooks. When not eating, she builds web pages for Zoosk and goes hiking in the Oakland hills.

Photo via Flickr. Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs license.