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  • April 18, 2014

    “Everything Just Fell Into Place” for Zoosk Couple Minette and Pine


    After Zoosk introduced Minette to Pine, the couple was inseparable. A single date in early September led to a perfect partnership. After selling her house and moving to closer to Pine, Minette couldn’t been happier:

    “Everything just fell into place as we proceeded with our relationship. I am so blessed to have this wonderful man in my life. Both our previous marriages were happy, but we lost our partners to cancer. There is so much that we share, because we have the same outlook on life and have shared similar experiences.  We both are deep Christians, and I think that this makes our relationship so much stronger. We also both love music and play together a lot, which is also deepening our relationship. In December 2013, we got married; it’s a wonderful marriage and relationship.”

    Congratulations to you both; we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!


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  • April 11, 2014

    Tali and Steve: Perfect Chemistry in Bristol, CT


    When Tali and Steve were ready for something serious, they turned to Zoosk. “We knew what we were interested in–nothing fake or “just for fun,” writes Tali. Her faith in Zoosk’s Behavioral Matchmaking technology paid off; it led to a perfect introduction:

    “We couldn’t stop going back to each others profiles. There was an inexplicable attraction. Steve finally took the plunge and sent me a message. We both expressed our mutual attraction for each other and started chatting. Zoosk messages turned into FB messages, which turned into texts, phone calls and FaceTime. We met for brunch for our first date which lasted all day. It was an amazing day which neither of us will forget!”

    Tali and Steve have been together since their first date, and they can’t wait to enjoy more life experiences together in and around Connecticut. We wish them the best in life and in love!


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  • April 4, 2014

    Bowled Over by Love: Laura and Jonathan’s Story



    Posted by Joan Actually

    Bowler Jonathan Ferrell will be competing for the Laughlin Cup this summer with his lovely wife, Laura, by his side. “She has changed everything for me and it feels great,” said Jonathan.

    Zoosk’s Behavioral Matchmaking technology introduced this couple in the nick of time. “I was just about to give up,” said Jonathan, “it had been three months and nothing was really clicking.” Once he spotted Laura, he waited patiently for days until she replied. Once she responded, Jonathan scheduled his last first date.

    “On our first date, I remember she reached out to hug me. The chemistry was instant. We had a great dinner and the conversation was very easy. 10 days later, I went to my best friend and said ‘That’s the one I’m going to marry. I don’t know when—but that’s the one.’”

    Just a month later, Jonathan and Laura got married in Vegas. “My friends told me I was crazy,” Jonathan said, “but I’m okay with that. She’s amazing.”

    Laura, like her husband, shared the same strong feelings immediately: ”I knew we were going to be together. I was very excited to marry him! He always does things to make me smile even though he’s working so hard.”

    Laura and Jonathan are looking forward to a happy future filled with romance and bowling success. We wish this lovely couple from Glendale, Arizona all the best!


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  • March 31, 2014

    A Spark of Love

    For Brad and Julie from Santa Barbara, it was instant chemistry.

    After learning Brad’s preferences, Zoosk’s Behavioral Matchmaking™ technology introduced him to Julie. “When I first saw Julie’s photo on Zoosk, I stopped immediately and read her profile,” says Brad. “When I first saw her in person, I felt my life change.”

    Watch Brad and Julie describe how Zoosk brought them together—and why they couldn’t be happier. If you’re looking for that spark of love, join Zoosk today.

  • March 21, 2014

    And They Lived Happily Ever After in Marietta, Georgia


    Posted by Joan Actually

    When the guys at the local bar in Marietta, GA weren’t meeting her standards, Jennifer took a chance on Zoosk. Although she went on a few okay dates, nothing compared to the first time she met Scott.

    “Meeting Scott was a totally different story. After just a week of dating, we were official. The first time I saw him, we just clicked. We had so many things in common–sports, movies, and country music–but there was just something about him. We had so much fun on our first date and then we went out on another date the very next day.”

    Just seven months after becoming official, Jennifer and Scott got married. “I know it’s super fast,” she said, “but when you know, you know.”  Scott has been not only a wonderful partner, but a wonderful father, as well. “He does things that no one else does and it really shows that he always has me on his mind,” Jennifer says, “he’s also a great father to our daughter; he takes family very seriously, and I love him so much for that.”

    If you’re looking for love, Jennifer has some advice for you: “Go with your gut and don’t convince yourself that you have a type. You never know what could happen.”

    Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! We are so happy for you!


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  • March 14, 2014

    Jeanette found love in Laguna, California!


    Posted by Joan Actually

    Only two days after joining Zoosk, Jeanette met Steve, her fabulous new beau. She wrote: “Wow, did this happen fast! I am OVER THE MOON!  I have never been happier.  We are having SUCH an AMAZING time together.”

    Although Jeanette initially indicated that Steve’s location in Laguna, CA made him ”geographically undesirable,” Steve didn’t give up.

    From the first phone call, Jeanette was smitten:

    “It was the night before my graduation, and we stayed up all night talking. We talked for so long that I almost missed my graduation ceremony the next day! I was supposed to give a speech, and I was too late to even do that.  When I did meet Steve, it was amazing. He asked to hear the graduation speech I wrote and told me how wonderful and amazing it was. It was so lucky to meet such a kind, wonderful person. He is my mentor, my love, my knight in shining armor.”

    Congratulations to Jeanette and Steve! We’re so happy for you!

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    Happy Zoosking!

  • March 7, 2014

    How Aaron Found Love in Mapleton, North Dakota


    Posted by Joan Actually

    Aaron was looking for love and didn’t know exactly where to start: “I knew the bar scene wasn’t going to be the right place. So, when that free trial for Zoosk showed up, I thought–why not?” Good thing Aaron gave Zoosk a try. If he hadn’t , he would’ve missed Nikki, the love of his life.

    So, how did their love story begin?

    “Her picture showed her looking cute in a sweatshirt in front of a local wing place. She had this beautiful smile and looked really happy. This was a profile that could not be faked. She was real and looked totally comfortable being herself. I gave her a wink and then I sent her a message. I knew I had to join Zoosk to keep the conversation going. It was worth it.”

    A first date over bingo couldn’t have gone better: ”So, I can’t stand bingo, but I knew if I wanted to meet this girl. I was going to play some bingo. I remember talking to Nikki the whole night. It must’ve looked like we were having fun because one of the other bingo players asked us how long we’ve been married! I drove Nikki home after bingo to make sure she got there safely. Right before I dropped her off, I gave her a kiss. I tried to get a second one, but she denied it– I knew right then that she was the one for me.”

    This happy Zoosk couple is getting ready for a spring wedding in Mapleton, ND! We couldn’t be happier for them!

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    Happy Zoosking!


  • February 26, 2014

    Taking Another Chance at Love: How Stan Met Kasi



    Posted by Joan Actually

    Bouncing back from divorce is not easy, but Stan wanted another chance at love. After weighing his options, he decided to give Zoosk a try. Now that he’s met Kasi, things are looking up, but making the original decision to give online dating a try wasn’t easy:

    “So there I was. In my mid-thirties and starting my life over. I passed the part of my life where going to bars to find women is an option. The chances of my soul mate passing me in the street are slim to none. Also, I’m a dad; I want to make sure I spend my time around the right people. I turned to Zoosk after their cleverly placed ads on Facebook finally captured my attention. What else did I have to lose? It was worth a shot.”

    After perusing profiles, Stan found Kasi’s smiling picture: “She was beautiful! I had to send her a message and let her know that I was a normal, good guy. It wasn’t soon after that when I realized that it was like we were separated at birth.”

    Stan took advantage of Zoosk’s mobile messaging app to continue conversations with Kasi: “the mobile app made it easier for me to talk to her when I was away from the computer. I guess it paid off, because we scheduled a meeting pretty soon after our first messages.”

    And that meeting could not have gone better.

    “When I saw her—that first moment—it was just magic. Like a fairy tale. I was sold. Well, actually, I was sold before I even met her, but when she was standing there, I was so happy. The conversation started up immediately. We barely even ate and, instead, talked for hours.”

    After their first meeting, Stan and Kasi have yet to spend a weekend apart; they are looking forward to building more happy memories together in and around Savannah, Georgia.

    Congratulations, Kasi and Stan. We are so happy you two took a chance on Zoosk and found each other!

    At Zoosk, we make it our job to introduce you to the person of your dreams. If you’ve found your perfect match while using our site, please mail your story and a picture to success [at] zoosk [dot] com! By submitting your success story and image, you agree that your submission is governed by the Zoosk Success Story Terms, as well as Zoosk’s Terms of Use Agreement. Happy Zoosking!

  • February 11, 2014

    Congrats to Zoosk Couple Ben and CarrieAnn from Massachusetts!


    Zoosk was so effective for Ben because our Behavioral Matchmaking™ technology started learning his preferences the moment he signed on. Within a matter of days Ben met CarrieAnn while perusing Boston singles on the Zoosk site. Not only was CarrieAnn mutually attracted to Ben, but she turned out to be the love of his life.

    “Three days after signing up for Zoosk, I stumbled upon CarrieAnn’s profile. I returned to her profile many times before mustering the courage to send her a wink. To my surprise she winked back. We had been traveling the same type of path through life, and at that moment our paths came together.

    I never knew that just sitting back and watching someone live a life could make me melt and fall in love. Simply put, she is hands down the greatest woman I have ever met, and I couldn’t be more honored and excited to be hers forever. Thank you Zoosk from CarrieAnn and Ben, in love now and forever and always!”

    Congratulations Ben and CarrieAnn! We’re so happy that you – and so many other people around the world – have found everlasting love on Zoosk!

  • February 7, 2014

    Congratulations to Gemma and Simon, a Zoosk couple from Norwich, UK!

    Gemma took the initiative of making the first move on Simon. They were both online dating on Zoosk when Gemma took the plunge and sent the first message. Good thing she did, because they’ve been in a happy relationship together since their first date!

    Simon wrote us to share their adorable Zoosk success story:

    “Gemma contacted me on Zoosk two weeks prior to our first meeting. We both noticed there was chemistry straight away. We had lunch, went bowling, played some pool, had a couple of drinks, went for a walk and stopped in a cafe for some coffee. We spent the whole day together and couldn’t stop smiling and laughing throughout. At the end of the date, both of us said that we wanted to see each other again and just two days later we met up again for a second time and, once again, enjoyed each other’s company. We agreed that we wanted to be together. I feel that this is really the beginning of something special. Thank you Zoosk for introducing us!”

    We’re so happy for Gemma and Simon! Many, many congratulations to them both.

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