Congratulations to Rene and Martin from New York!

Zoosk Success Couple Rene and Martin

Another Zoosk marriage! 🙂 Rene finally found her missing half in Martin, after year upon year of unsuccessful dating. She shared their story with us.

She writes:

“Martin and I met after connecting on Zoosk. Prior to our actual meet-up, we had a phone conversation that lasted 13.5 hours, and we still did not want to get off the phone! After years of meeting the wrong one over and over, Martin and I had instant chemistry. We had the same dreams, the same values, and never ran out of things to say to each other. Our first date was 8/29/17, and we married on 9/2/2018. I fall more and more in love with him every day. Our children blended, our families blended, and so did our dogs. I thank Zoosk for helping me to find my prince. My life is complete now as I walk through it with my true other half. Thank you!”

What beautiful words! We’re so happy for you both, and wish you continued happiness together!


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