Congratulations to Rebecca and Michael from the United Kingdom!

Zoosk Success Couple Rebecca and Michael

We were able to make Rebecca’s dreams come true by connecting her with Michael; the man she came to realise she couldn’t live without!

She writes:

“Well where do I start? We still argue to this day who made the first move and started the conversation, Mike insists it was him whereas I seem to remember me messaging first, oh well something to tell the grand kids 🙂 We were messaging for 4 to 5 weeks before we actually met up. I was actually quite shy and making up excuses why I couldn’t meet and he patiently waited and still sent me my “Good morning beautiful” message every morning. Eventually I realised I was dying to meet him and couldn’t think of anything worse than him not being in my life, even though we’d only been messaging. Our first date was supposed to be an hour or so of drinks in a bar, 6 hours later we came out like giggling children and I knew from then he was the man for me; clearly he felt the same as 10 months later he was moving in with me, a year and a half after we were on our first holiday in NYC where he proposed! We are now married and planning for our future with our own family. I have always loved romance films and thought these men just don’t exist in real life! How wrong was I! I met the man of my dreams (literally) on Zoosk and to this day I have never been happier. Zoosk’s founders even got a mention at our wedding in the best man’s speech! 🙂 Thank you Zoosk!”

Congrats to you two! We are so happy for you and that we were able to help bring you together. We wish you all the best for your future together!


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