Cell Phones, Dating, and You

In recognition of July — which is Cell Phone Courtesy Month — Zoosk surveyed over three thousand singles on our site on their feelings about cell phone etiquette and dating.

  1. 33% of singles say they have left a date early because the other person was “too absorbed with their cell phone.”86% of singles say “constantly glancing at a cell phone” is the most offensive cell phone-related behavior during a date, worse than sending a text message (73% of singles think this is rude) or taking a call (51% of singles think this is offensive).
  2. 25% of women have dumped a guy via text, whereas only 15% of men have taken that route.
  3.  49% of singles say an “annoying or obnoxious ringtone” is the least sexy cell phone accessory, followed by a Bluetooth headset (26%), a cell phone belt clip (17%), and ugly faceplates (8%).
  4. 68% of singles say it’s a no-no to “check-in” on Foursquare, Facebook, Yelp or another platform when you arrive at a date.

Long story short, put away the phone and pay attention to the person!!! And watch the magic happen.

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