Congratulations to Christy and Sean, married Zooskers!

By Juliet O

We recently received an email from a Zoosker named Christy that read, “I started using Zoosk in September of 2009 and was able to meet the man of my dreams. We were married on October 23, 2009! Thanks so much for this awesome site!” We were blown away! Lives really can change overnight, and Christy’s story just goes to show that you never know where or when you’ll find love. In September, Christy was a single woman, and by October, she was married to the man of her dreams! Talk about being swept off your feet.

We followed up with Christy to find out more details about her love story, and what we found out surpassed even our most romantic expectations. This was a truly amazing story! Christy and her husband Sean are both from Louisiana and met via their Zoosk local networks. Christy describes how much fun she had on their first date, “It was an all day affair. We first went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch, then we played putt-putt golf, then we went to the movies, after freshing up we went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and finally played pool at Yesterday’s. It was a blast and lasted all day long!”

The next month, the happy couple were married.

Christy even sent us this picture of their beautiful wedding rings. If I had a ring like that I’d show it off too! When asked for her three favorite memories from the wedding, Christy responded, “First, marrying the handsome man of my dreams and seeing his face shine as we were married. Next, getting that gorgeous ring on my finger. And thirdly, that his best friend Cody was there by his side!”

Christy also sent us a romantic picture a note Sean wrote her (attached to a bouquet of roses) that Sean gave her the day before their wedding.

All we can say is: Wow! What a beautiful story! We wish Christy and Sean all the best in their marriage, and we’re so thrilled to know that Zoosk played a part in the happy union of this couple.

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