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A Second Chance to Make that First Impression?

 You know the feeling. You see a message from someone whose profile you’ve checked out and a smile comes over your face. Eventually, when you reply, your well-crafted responses get another message in return.

You seem to be well on your way to building a connection and mustering the courage to ask your new Zoosk crush out for a coffee. And then….nothing. You get no response and days go by. You try not to think about it, but somewhere, in the back of your mind, you’re wondering what went wrong.

Was it something I said?

Did s/he check out my pictures again and saw something they didn’t like?

While sitting at a red light or waiting in the supermarket line, you remember that picture that initially got your interest in passing. But, some time goes by and you forget all about it. After all, there’re thousands of other potential dates around you.

But what if you want to give it another shot?

Ignore the fact that you haven’t heard from them in weeks. Have you never become so busy that you missed an email?

Message them again with a brand new topic. Lightly reference your previous conversation and ask them for that coffee now. It can go something like this:

“So hey, there’s an amazing indie band playing at the Main Street Cafe, I hear they kinda sound like that ____Band They Said They Like Here____.”

They may easily pass prefer meeting to playing catch-up with their messages. Remember, they did join a Romantic Social Network and it was to meet people like you!

Do you have other clever suggestions for breaking the ice again? Share them in our comments section!


Alex is a the PR Manager for Zoosk and, on his free time, he likes to DJ Electro House music and is learning to build furniture.

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