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Cloud Atlas – date night movie? I say yes!

by Jimi Alfaro

I went on a date the other day to see Cloud Atlas. This move was visually stunning and very complex. The good thing was that the movie has been out for a few weeks so the theater was not full.  I would recommend this setting.  The movie can be hard to follow.  It jumps around from time line to time line.  We had a great time whispering to each other about what was happening and where we got lost.  In many ways we had a team building exercise.  We helped each other stat up to speed with what was happening in the movie.  Some good action, romance and adventure parts of the movie.  We shared popcorn and snuck in an adult beverage. We had such a good time.  After we went to a bar, ordered a drink and tried to figure out what we just saw.  Nice relaxed date night.  For me I feel like we got to know each other much better.  The movie got us talking and laughing at it’s complexity.  I think next movie date night we’ll shoot for something easier to follow like Wreck it Ralph.

About the author: Jimi is works at Zoosk as a Recruiter. He’s a Bay Area sports fan, talent scout and resume wrangler.

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