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Community Moderation Is Fun

You may have noticed that Zoosk has been going through some changes, from a revamped theme to a completely redesigned Zooskbox. What you may not have noticed is that we have added one of your most requested features – community moderation. That girl look like jailbait? Report them. Guy stalking your Inbox? Report them. Zoosk admins are standing by to axe those trolls that are ruining your Zoosk experience.

Here is how it works – there are two places to report a user. The first you may already be familiar with. Any user you ignore through your Zooskbox is now reported to us here at Zoosk. Simply click the ‘Ignore User’ action on any user that is not playing by the rules and their profile is flagged for moderation. That simple. Your report is anonymous and confidential.

The second method is a bit more subtle. On a user’s profile, there is now an action located below their profile photo called ‘Inappropriate?’. Simply click that action and you will be presented with a list of abuses. Select the most appropriate abuse type and click ‘Report’. Congratulations, that user has now been called to our attention.

User’s whose profiles have been flagged for moderation will be reviewed and may be subject to action. If a photo is founded to be offensive, underage, not visibly identifying the owner, etc., it will be removed. Profiles and communications are subject to the same scrutiny. A user who has had an admin action taken against them will be notified by the admins via email.

If a user’s offense is found to be especially grievous or the user is a repeat offender, their account will be suspended and their privilege to use Zoosk revoked. Any subscription will be canceled and no refund will be given.

If you have any questions, comments, or rants about community moderation, feel free to contact us.

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