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Find the Job that Fits You – Zoosk’s Take on the Recruitment Film

Zoosk is constantly recruiting more people to help make it easier and more fun for you to find the date that fits you! From engineering to marketing to customer service – there’s always more work to be done! We have an amazing team of engineers constantly working on new features, such as video chat or our new iPad app. Meanwhile, helping you with questions about Zoosk and creating our unique TV commercials requires a different set of talents from our customer service and marketing teams. It’s no wonder that our careers page is constantly brimming with new jobs waiting to be filled.

To help explain the unique, colorful and often-zany culture of the Zoosk team at our San Francisco office, we put together an equally quirky recruitment film that we call Business Casual. It definitely goes in the face of recruitment films you usually see from other Silicon Valley companies. We hope you like it and, if you’re looking for a job that fits you, it’s definitely worth a look!

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