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Two things that go together in online dating: Love and Spellcheck

Online dating advice: edit your way into someone’s heart by writing an effective letter

Sending a message to someone on Zoosk, someone who you’ve never met, is not easy. But don’t make your life harder with spelling and grammar errors. Our Zoosker, Julie, wants to send a message to Matt. Watch as she edits her way from an impersonal, unremarkable letter, to one that stands out in the crowd!

As Julie shows, editing your message to reflect shared interests you may have with the person you’re writing to is a good way to find common ground. Don’t be scared to lay on the charm! You’re only as memorable as your message, so make sure it accurate reflects the unique person that you are.

Written and directed by Juliette Tang
Shot and Edited by Christine Ann Iglesias
Music: Sonata by Migliu

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