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Romance and giving around the world

Giving is a topic that comes to mind a lot this holiday season. It’s often said that you get what you give and to a large degree we believe that’s true. Recently, Zoosk ran a survey in Denmark about relationships and giving, and found some really thought-provoking things about Danish attitudes toward those topics. Here are some of the more interesting stats:

On paying the bill for a date

  • 44.8 % of Danish men say it is important for them to pay the restaurant bill and keep the doors for their loved one.
  • 22.7 % of Danish women believe that men always must pay and keep the doors for them.
  • 64.4 % of Danish women find it less important, but appreciate this romantic gesture when it appears.

On the little things

  • 39.6 % of Danish respondents perceive spontaneous hugs and kisses as the most romantic gesture they could receive
  • 32.4 % prefer a candlelight dinner
  • 16.5 % say they’re happy just to receive a loving text message during the work day
  • Only 5.6 % would rank a spontaneous gift from their partner as the most romantic gesture.

Do you think people in your country share these attitudes? Is this pretty universal? Let us know in the comments section below! Happy Zoosking!

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