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Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for Jan. 29-31, 2011

Shake Things Up!

Adventure is in the air with the Moon in thrill-seeking Sagittarius on Friday and Saturday. This optimistic and outgoing sign favors travel, foreign cultures, physical activities and philosophical discussions. Opinions may be strong now but as long as they are leavened with humor, different points of view can spur a playful romance. Letting go of the past is essential in this forward-looking sign; settling scores or holding onto grudges is a definite mood killer. If there are difficult issues to discuss, it’s wise to wait until Sunday when the Moon enters responsible Capricorn. But until then, playing in the casino of love is the greatest game in town and just like in Vegas there are no clocks on the wall to tell us when the party’s over.

Saturday night could prove to be quite special as the Moon bumps into the love planet Venus. Yet this cosmic meeting in risk-taking Sagittarius indicates that we’re more attracted to new people and activities than to familiar faces and places. Couples need to shake things up to catch the wave of romance that’s rolling in now. Avoiding serious matters is a must for anyone interested in making a real heart connection. The Moon’s shift into strategic Capricorn on Sunday morning gives the day a strikingly different emotional color. We’re hungry for order, plans and commitment and those willing to act with maturity and patience are especially appreciated.

By Jeff Jawer at DailyHoroscope. For more, check out your Weekly Love Horoscope!

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