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Why don’t you give yourself a boost today?

We have some fun news to share with you today! Zoosk has just launched Boost, a new service on our site that helps you get noticed by your fellow Zooskers. Every time you buy a Boost View, we’ll put you at the top of the search results or in a special place on the homepage of people interested in you.

Boosting your views is simple as can be. If you wish, you can purchase a set number of Boosk Views using your Zoosk coins. Getting a set number of Boost Views means that your profile will appear that same, set number of times at the very top of a search result or on a Zoosk front page.  Meaning, if you buy 500 Boosts, you will land at the top of the search results or the front page of Zoosk 500 individual times. How’s that for a leg up?

You can even track your current Boost numbers by visiting your Settings tab and clicking on the Boost link (like in the photo above). See the icon with the lightening bolt on it? Click that lightening bolt icon with the word “Boost” next to it in order to track your views.

With Boost, this is how your Date Card will appear in the search results of people who run searches that fit your criteria:

And with Boost, this is how your Date Card will appear on someone’s homepage:

Not only does Boost help you get noticed, but it gets you noticed in a big way. In life and in love, why not go bold?

*This number refers to the searches/logins of other Zooskers — not you. We never factor in how many times you view your own profile, so you should view your own profile as much as you want!

We hope you enjoy Boost! In the meantime, here are some other Zoosk features you might be interested in:

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