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Zoosk and Glamour.com Survey Reveals That Today’s Single Women Are More Commitment-Phobic Than Men

Zoosk, the romantic social network, recently teamed up with Glamour.com to conduct a survey among more than 2,500 single men and women to see what they really think about getting serious in a relationship. The results of the survey show that contrary to stereotypes, women prefer to take things slower and more carefully guard their personal space than do men.

The results of the survey are posted on Glamour.com at http://www.glamour.com/sex-love-life/blogs/smitten/2013/03/surprise-our-exclusive-zoosk-s.html.

An infographic on the survey results can be seen on the Zoosk blog at http://blog.zoosk.com/2013/03/27/our-exclusive-survey-with-glamour-magazine-shows-surprising-results-about-commitment/.

Highlights of the Zoosk and Glamour.com survey include:

Men are quick to make it official; women prefer to wait.

  • 42% of men say they prefer to make a relationship official after a couple good dates.
  • 35% of women prefer to wait at least a few months.

Men are more likely to bring her into his inner circle quickly.

  • 56% of men say they would introduce someone they’re seeing to their friends after 1 to 5 dates.
  • Women seem cagier about taking this step in a relationship; only 40% of women said the same. Twice as many woman (22.9%) as men (10.4%) wait at least a few months to do so.

Women guard their personal space more than men.

  • Everyone agrees that this is a complex issue – 65% men and 68% of women said it was hard to put a timeframe on when its right to exchange keys.
  • However, women are twice as likely than men to say the time was never!

Women wait for sex.

  • 42% of men say they follow the Golden Rule of three dates before they have sex.
  • The majority of women (53%) say they like to wait until an official declaration of coupledom.

Zoosk conducted the survey online in March 2013. The survey garnered 1,441 responses from single men and 1,147 responses from single women around the U.S.

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