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Zoosk Coming to a Bebo Near You

Zoosk has been a success story on Facebook. Naturally, we thought maybe users of other social networks will enjoy it as well. So we got to work on building the Zoosk Network. Our newest member social network is Bebo. Now Bebo users can enjoy the benefits of the fastest growing social dating destination in convenience of their preferred social network. You can check out Zoosk on Bebo here.

Zoosk Network

One of the benefits of the Zoosk Network is it’s ability to span closed social networks. It is great that we have been enabling Facebook users to meet new people and find their soulmates. It’s also awesome that now Bebo members can do the same! But it’s even greater that now Bebo users can meet Facebook users and vice versa without leaving their social network and at times without even knowing about it! Yes, you heard it right: regardless of how you joined Zoosk, you can immediately meet millions of other Zooskers right from your favorite social network. So, Bebo Zooskers say hi to 1,800,000 Facebook Zooskers. And Facebook Zooskers, please welcome the new members of the Zoosk family :).

Zoosk is the first social dating property that has broken the closed social network walls in a very interesting and valuable way. We believe this is just the start and many other social applications will follow this trend soon. The era of Meta Social Applications is upon us. And Zoosk is proud to be a founding member.

Guess Who is Next

If you can guess the next member of the Zoosk Network, send us the name at stories at zoosk dot com along with why you think so. We will pick 10 correct respondents and they will receive $10 Zoosk Money to use towards Super Flirts. Happy Zoosking!

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