10 Cooking Tips on Making Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is one of the most romantic meals of the year. We want you to make the most of it! That’s why Zoosk went to Max Clark of the Leiths School of Cooking to get his top tips for avoiding Christmas cooking calamities and impressing your guests (and your sweetheart). Here’s the summary:

1. Impress your guests with decadent champagne or prosecco cocktails.

2. Serve toasted panettone with the cocktails.

3. Keep the starters and appetizers simple.

4. Try some different poultry for a change, like quail.

5. Serve the quail with glazed cocktail sausages, bacon rolls, and individual Christmas cakes.

6. Don’t forget your leafy greens.

7. Jazz up the cranberry sauce with orange zest and port.

8. Make your own bread sauce on Christmas Eve.

9. Make sure you have the gravy situation covered.

10. Try something simple like a clementine compote instead of a Christmas pudding.

Want more insight on the menu? The full article, with recipe how-tos, can be read at the Daily Mail.

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