Clean Up Your Profile!

by Huw

There are three stages of love: ‘Soon to be in love’ is first. ‘Recently out of love’ is the last. The only name for the one in the middle is “Double-Rainbow-Awesome, Yeah”. We’d like to help you from the first to the second. But it’s crucial to put your best foot forward.

This is the first of three posts about giving your profile a clean-up job. In this post we’re going to focus purely on content: what you want to say in your profile to help other Zooskers get to know you.

You want to say just enough to sound interesting, enticing and maybe a little sexy, but not so much as to commit the dreaded profile foul of ‘the overshare’! TMI (too much information) can kill a budding relationship like too much sunshine can wilt a young flower.

There are some things you want to say on your profile: you’re fun-loving and love good food. You have eclectic taste in people, decor and clothing and above all you believe in the freedom to express or do whatever you feel needs doing.

Some things are a bit too much: we all have been on a date where the other party talks about their ex, or how much they don’t drink any more, or their sex life. Seriously: some things don’t need to be brought up in the “getting to know you” stage. Nothing stops the “Double-Rainbow-Awesome, Yeah” phase faster than a guilt trip for all members of the opposite sex, or verbal abuse lumped on an unseen third party or a creepy amount of self-sharing. You don’t have to be unnaturally cheerful, but positivity never hurts!

Tell a good story. Describe the perfect date you’ve always imagined. How does your perfect match fit with you? Try not to make “campaign promises”. You’re not trying to “win” here, you’re trying to woo.
There’s a major difference.

In the next post we’ll cover how you say it. And then, third, how to take the best profile pictures! But don’t wait, share YOUR tips for creating the ultimate profile in our comments section!

Huw has been a blogger for over 15 years, a writer since high school and a geek forever.  His idea of a perfect date is a tour of Alcatraz and the Barbary Coast Trail powered by dim sum.