How to talk to girls – from a girl’s point of view

by Karen and Jimi Alfaro

As a girl, I can see how difficult it can be for a guy to approach a girl in a public setting. But then again, it’s just as difficult for a girl to approach a guy. But that’s a separate blog post….

Guys, there are things that you should do, and things that you shouldn’t do. But how are you supposed to know the difference? Here are 3 pieces of advice that you can have confidence in:

1. Do approach a group of three or more girls. Believe it or not, they’re your best bet. Why? Because when you strike up a conversation with a group of girls, you have cast a wider net and your chances are greater that you’ll hit it off with one of them. And when you do, you can focus your attention on her and not have to entertain her companions with conversation (like you would if there were only two girls). Her friends will entertain themselves probably by giggling about the two of you.

2. Be lighthearted, be confident, and be nice. I know there’s contention here that “nice guys finish last”, but I’d rather talk to a guy who smiles and is nice to me than a guy who’s being a jerk.

3. Don’t bring a girl to be your wingman unless she’s your sister. Having a female friend as your wingman doesn’t increase your chances no matter how much she talks you up. We’ll always wonder what’s so wrong with you that she won’t date you.

Photo via Flickr. Creative Commons License, Attribution ShareAlike.