Send Your Match an Amazing Gift with Zoosk Delivery


Now it’s even easier to send a gift to your favorite match with Zoosk Delivery. Choose between chocolates, flowers, or a teddy bear.

How will you know what to pick for your sweetie? We’ve asked Gift Expert, Jessica Jessup, for her expertise. “There‚Äôs no hard-and-fast way to decide on which gift to give. But you can find out with a little digging,” she says. “Does your match likes sweets? Chocolate. Does he or she love plants? Flowers should work. Are you in a long distance relationship? Teddy bear.”

Send a Gift to Your Favorite Match in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Click the “Send a Gift” button on your match’s profile.


2. Select your favorite gift.

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3. If your match accepts the gift, he or she will enter an address to accept the delivery.