Ten tips on keeping the romance alive on a budget this month

Christmas and the festive period makes December an expensive time of year for couples and singles alike. But that shouldn’t mean that your relationship needs to suffer. Couples can still celebrate romance this winter without breaking the bank. Zoosk teamed up with the publication Female First as well as Sarah Willingham of the website Let’s Save Some Money to come up with these 10 wallet saving activities for couples to do in order to celebrate love within their budget:

  1. Make an iTunes playlist
  2. Write a love note
  3. Have a cozy indoor picnic
  4. Read the Sunday papers together
  5. Make a scrapbook of your photos together
  6. If you go on holiday, try doing a home swap
  7. Cook together from scratch
  8. Watch a classic romance movie
  9. Hang mistletoe over your doorways
  10. Use one of the many popular deal sites to have a night away

Read the full article over at FemaleFirst to get a more in-depth take on these wallet-friendly and relationship-friendly tips! Happy Zoosking!

Picture via Flickr. License: Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike.

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