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  • February 14, 2014

    Getting Down in the Wild: What Animals Can Teach Us About Dating

    Posted by Joan Actually

    Feeling like you’re on a perpetual quest for love? Well, you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, we have over 25 million users in your same boat. At Zoosk, we want to make it even easier to help you find the right person. In addition to our success stories, the blog will now feature practical information and a no-nonsense advice column. Whether it’s what to wear on a first date or what to do when an ex calls, the blog will include responses to some of your most frequently asked questions.

    Although we’ve got amazing analytics and an arsenal of experts to help you out, these things will only take you so far. Your courage to take risks in love and put yourself out there is going to be the ultimate decider of your success.

    Since “putting yourself out there” is a bit vague, I wanted to show you how some of our animal counterparts are getting the job done.

    Blue Crabs

    When a blue crab’s diet is almost 25% other blue crabs, under-the-sea dating starts looking more like The Hunger Games.  Females will emit an intoxicating smell that suppresses the appetites of the male crabs. Then, after she meets the right pair of claws, she will release a second chemical that encourages the male crab to cuddle her. During cuddle time, the male will use a couple legs to strap her on his back and, together, they explore the ocean floor.

    Lesson Learned: Choose your fragrance wisely and you could find yourself in a week-long cuddle session. Choose poorly, and you could be eaten alive.

    Galapagos Tortoises

    Male Galapagos Tortoises are always looking for ladies. If two males meet while on the prowl, they will stand on their legs and start a neck stretching contest to determine who gets to romance the female tortoise. Whereas the bigger tortoise is guaranteed some action, the smaller will slink away. Frustrated and desperate, the smaller tortoise will attempt romantic interludes with a variety of non-interested parties, including other males and boulders.

    Lesson Learned:  Although your friends probably won’t get naked with you, they’ll still hang out with you if your romantic attempt doesn’t pan out. So, you might as well take a risk and say hello.

    Polar Bears

    Once the male polar bear finds his favorite she-bear, he will follow her for miles through freezing arctic terrain. For days, he will literally walk in her footsteps until he catches up. Once the two meet, they will nuzzle each other and play together for hours. If all goes well during the heavy petting session, the lady polar bear will lead her guy to a private place, so they can get down without interruption.

    Lesson Learned: Persistence and a little effort can pay off big.

    Nursery Web Spiders

    To grease the romance wheels, male nursery web spiders will present females with gifts packaged neatly in silk. Because the mating window is only as long as the time it takes for her to inspect—and potentially eat—her gift, it’s in his best interest to get her a large, tasty snack dressed up in nice packaging. Although most males play fair, those who missed etiquette 101 presented their females with subpar fly meat. Even worse; however, were the super cheap male flies that presented empty silk-wrapped packages.

    Lesson Learned: When it comes to gift giving, a little thought goes a long way. Also, do not confuse being financially responsible with being a stingy tightwad.


    Male bowerbirds spend all their time building ornate love dens to attract potential mates. From an early age, the male will scour the area for branches, leaves, snail shells—even pieces of shiny litter—to decorate his bachelor pad. To improve his real estate, he will clear out every piece of surrounding grass and build a luxurious entry way to encourage visitors. Once the male completes construction, he invites the ladies to check out his digs and woos them with an ornate song and dance routine during their visit.

     Lesson Learned: When you’re ready to get serious, make sure you’re not operating from your parents’ basement.


    Special Thanks: Jeff Shields, Marine Biologist, Virginia Institute of Marine ScienceFrank Indiviglio, Consulting Zoologist, blogs.thatpetplace.com

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  • February 13, 2014

    Zoosk and Dunkin Donuts agree: Coffee brews romance


    Zoosk has partnered with Dunkin’ Donuts this Valentine’s Day to help you make your holiday a little sweeter! Dunkin’ Donuts is offering a nice deal for anyone seeking their own perfect pairing on Zoosk.

    On February 13 and 14, people who register at Zoosk will have the chance to win a $5 Dunkin’ Donuts mGift to use on a coffee date. To be eligible, people must register here. The full terms are here.

    As part of this partnership Zoosk conducted an online survey of 14,161 singles to see if coffee brews romance. Guess what coffee lovers? It does!

    –We found out that coffee beats dinner when it comes to a great first date. Exactly two-thirds (67%) of Zooskers feel that having a casual conversation over coffee would be the ideal first date with someone they just met online. Going out to fancy dinner was a distant second at 24%.

    –Nearly 72% of people said that that going out for coffee can be just as romantic as a fancy dinner.

    –More than half of people (51%) said they would rather receive a fresh cup of coffee from their sweetheart than fresh flowers.

    –French Vanilla was number one when singles were asked to identify the most romantic coffee flavor, followed by Caramel.

    Check out the full infographic, below!

    Dunkin' Donuts and Zoosk Infographic_Valentine's Day FINAL



  • February 11, 2014

    Congrats to Zoosk Couple Ben and CarrieAnn from Massachusetts!


    Zoosk was so effective for Ben because our Behavioral Matchmaking™ technology started learning his preferences the moment he signed on. Within a matter of days Ben met CarrieAnn while perusing Boston singles on the Zoosk site. Not only was CarrieAnn mutually attracted to Ben, but she turned out to be the love of his life.

    “Three days after signing up for Zoosk, I stumbled upon CarrieAnn’s profile. I returned to her profile many times before mustering the courage to send her a wink. To my surprise she winked back. We had been traveling the same type of path through life, and at that moment our paths came together.

    I never knew that just sitting back and watching someone live a life could make me melt and fall in love. Simply put, she is hands down the greatest woman I have ever met, and I couldn’t be more honored and excited to be hers forever. Thank you Zoosk from CarrieAnn and Ben, in love now and forever and always!”

    Congratulations Ben and CarrieAnn! We’re so happy that you – and so many other people around the world – have found everlasting love on Zoosk!

  • February 7, 2014

    Congratulations to Gemma and Simon, a Zoosk couple from Norwich, UK!

    Gemma took the initiative of making the first move on Simon. They were both online dating on Zoosk when Gemma took the plunge and sent the first message. Good thing she did, because they’ve been in a happy relationship together since their first date!

    Simon wrote us to share their adorable Zoosk success story:

    “Gemma contacted me on Zoosk two weeks prior to our first meeting. We both noticed there was chemistry straight away. We had lunch, went bowling, played some pool, had a couple of drinks, went for a walk and stopped in a cafe for some coffee. We spent the whole day together and couldn’t stop smiling and laughing throughout. At the end of the date, both of us said that we wanted to see each other again and just two days later we met up again for a second time and, once again, enjoyed each other’s company. We agreed that we wanted to be together. I feel that this is really the beginning of something special. Thank you Zoosk for introducing us!”

    We’re so happy for Gemma and Simon! Many, many congratulations to them both.

    Did you meet someone special on Zoosk? Send us your positive Zoosk review and success story at success [at] zoosk [dot] com! We’d love to hear all the details. By submitting your success story and image, you agree that your submission is governed by the Zoosk Success Story Terms, as well as Zoosk’s Terms of Use Agreement. Happy Zoosking!

  • February 6, 2014

    Congratulations to Zoosk Couple Deanna and Matt from Fort Hood, Texas!


    Zoosk’s Behavioral Matchmaking Engine has proven to be really effective in finding and introducing mutually compatible singles to each other. Just ask any couple who met on Zoosk. Case in point, Deanna and Matt from Fort Hood, Texas. They met on Zoosk in 2010.

    “I logged onto Zoosk in 2010 and was matched with an Army soldier who lived in Fort Hood, TX at the time. His name was Matthew. I sent him a message and things went from there. On December 11th of 2010, we went on our first date. “

    As a company, our goal is to find you first dates that result in 2nd dates and ultimately in long lasting relationships. That’s why we put so much effort into building the best possible matchmaking engine to serve our customers. Let’s hear what happened to Deanna and Matt after their first date:

    “We were inseparable and the relationship grew emotionally. We moved in together and started our life of being a couple in the same place. We have an amazing relationship and have realized over the years that we are meant to be together. We celebrated our 3 year anniversary this past December and then, right after Christmas, Matt proposed. We’ll be getting married on our 4 year anniversary: December 12, 2014. I would never have met Matt had it not been for Zoosk. Thank you so much for helping me find The One!” –Deanna

    Congratulations to Deanna and Matt, and the many couples around the world who’ve gotten married or met their soul mate because of Zoosk. We love bringing love to the world!

    Deanna-and-Matt-3 Deanna-and-Matt-4 Deanna-and-Matt-5 Deanna-and-Matt

    If Zoosk matched you up with your true love, share your story with us at success [at] zoosk [dot] com! By submitting your success story and image, you agree that your submission is governed by the Zoosk Success Story Terms, as well as Zoosk’s Terms of Use Agreement. Happy Zoosking!

  • February 5, 2014

    Congrats to Damien and Nicole, Zoosk Couple from Queensland Australia!

    Congrats to Damien and Nicole from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia! The blissful couple met online dating on Zoosk last year and are now deeply in love. Damien wrote us to share his success story:

    “I was on Zoosk for four months when I saw Nicole’s beautiful picture and knew I had to contact her. We chatted for about three weeks before we decide to meet. We finally met in person and it was love at first sight. We hung out and spent four weeks together, really getting to know each other, and it was awesome! Then Nicole went overseas for three months traveling Europe. Those were honestly the hardest three months I have experienced. During that time we kept in contact nearly every day, which helped a lot. Then one of the best days happened in our story – Nicole arrived back in Australia. Since then we’ve decided to move in together and now live on the Gold Coast. As of today we have been together for ten months and we keep falling deeper in love. We have decided to get married next year. So thank you to all the people who make Zoosk possible and can make people’s lives magical like ours!”

    We are so happy for Damien and Nicole and wish them all the blessings in the world.

    We love getting such positive Zoosk reviews from satisfied customers. If Zoosk matched you up with your true love, share your story with us at success [at] zoosk [dot] com! By submitting your success story and image, you agree that your submission is governed by the Zoosk Success Story Terms, as well as Zoosk’s Terms of Use Agreement. Happy Zoosking!

  • January 29, 2014

    Super Bowl 2014 Will Give One City A Better Shot At Love

    As the nation prepares for Super Bowl XLVIII to kick off this Sunday, there’s plenty of speculation for who will walk away with the championship title. Undoubtedly, emotions will run high during this game, as they did throughout the playoffs, so we took a look at anonimyzed behavioral data from thousands of our members to see what kind of effect winning and losing has on dating activity in different cities.

    Seattle and Denver – listen up! Even if your team doesn’t win the big game on Sunday, there may be a silver lining to losing.

    Looking at activity in each of the cities that participated in conference championship games this month, Zoosk found:

    - When your team wins, you spend Monday talking about football among friends and co-workers.

    - When your team loses, you seek comfort in companionship, turning attention to your love life.

    - Denver users send 15% less messages and view 32% less profiles than average on the Mondays after their playoff wins.

    - Seattle users send 51% less messages and view 60% less profiles than average on the Mondays after their playoff wins.

    - San Francisco users sent 40% more messages and viewed 32% more profiles on the Monday after their loss to Seattle than on the Mondays following their playoff wins on Jan. 5 and Jan. 12.

    - Boston users sent out 79% more messages and viewed 73% more profiles on the Monday after their loss to Denver than on the Monday against their playoff victory over Indianapolis.


    According to the activity we’ve seen during the past two Super Bowls, fans wait to learn the outcome of the game before engaging in online dating activities.

    - During last year’s Super Bowl, the number of messages sent between users was 17% less than the average Sunday evening.

    - On non-mobile devices, there were 20% less messages sent than on average.

    - On mobile devices, 11% less messages were sent than average.

    - Come Monday, February 3, Zoosk predicts fans of the losing team will be online looking for love, while fans of the winning team will be out celebrating.

    For more information on this study, please contact:

    David Pedersen

  • January 23, 2014

    Congratulations to Mark and Tammy from Iowa on their Zoosk success story!

    Zoosk‘s Behavioral Matchmaking™ scores another hit! Mark and Tammy from Ottumwa, Iowa, were matched up by our service. They wisely got to know each other online for two months before meeting in person and falling in love. We’re absolutely thrilled to share their success story – and engagement – with you today.

    Zoosk matched us up and for two months we chatted, phoned, emailed, and got to know each other on the inner level. I met my perfect partner. We got engaged this past December. Thank you Zoosk!”

    If Zoosk matched you up with your soulmate, share your story with us at success [at] zoosk [dot] com! By submitting your success story and image, you agree that your submission is governed by the Zoosk Success Story Terms, as well as Zoosk’s Terms of Use Agreement. Happy Zoosking!

  • January 22, 2014

    Weather and Dating: How The Conditions Outside Can Affect Your Chances At Finding Love!

    Are you a Californian, experiencing atypical high temperatures during the supposed winter season? Or are you a New Yorker, suffering through blisteringly low temperatures and record amounts of snow? No matter what state you live in, this much is clear: the winter season has certainly brought out some of the most extreme, bizarre weather we’ve seen in recent memory.

    During the month of November 16th to December 16th, we analyzed and compared anonymized data of thousands of Zoosk subscribers in some of the biggest metropolitan cities in the United States to see what kind of dating patterns and activity resulted from these unseasonably cold and warm temperatures.

    If you are looking for love in the cities of San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, New York, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, Boston, or Miami, check out our data below to see how weather affects online dating activity in your city. A rainy/sunny/foggy/snowy day could increase your chance at finding that special someone!

    RAIN: Don’t rush to update your profile when it’s raining out, unless you live in NYC or Miami.

      - Online dating activities decrease in Chicago, Houston and LA on rainy days.
      - NYC and Miami both experience a 5% increase in sign-ups on rainy days.

    SNOW: When the snowflakes start to fall, it’s time to log-in to your online dating profile!

      - NYC: 56% more messages sent; 38% more profiles viewed.
      - Chicago: 34% increase in messages sent; 31% increase in profile views
      - Denver: 15% increase in profile views; 12% decrease in messages sent.

    FOG: Online dating sign-ups roll in with the fog – with the exception of ever-so-foggy San Francisco.

      - SF: signups decrease by 13%.
      - Phoenix: 45% increase in sign-ups.
      - Miami: 5% more women sign up; 18% more men sign up.
      - Chicago: 15% more women sign up; 5% more men sign up.
      - NYC: 9% increase in sign-ups.

    THUNDERSTORMS: It’s hit or miss for where to find thunderstorm-induced sign-ups, but this much is clear – during a thunderstorm:

      - Men in Phoenix are 12% more likely to sign up for Zoosk.
      - Women in Chicago are 15% more likely to sign up for Zoosk.
      - Houston and Miami see an 8% overall increase in sign-ups.

    Traveling between cities or thinking about moving? We also compared temperature thresholds in several cities to see what kind of similar activity level matched up with respective temperatures.

      - San Francisco singles date the same amount – around 17% less than normal – on a 70 degree day as LA singles do on a 45 degree day
      - San Francisco singles date the same amount – around 15% more than normal – on a 45 degree day as LA singles do on a 70 degree day.
      - New York singles date the same amount – around 6% more than normal – on a 75 degree day as Miami singles do on a 55 degree day.
      - Chicago singles date the same amount – around 10% more than normal – on a 10 degree day as Houston singles do on an 85 degree day
      - Seattle singles date the same amount – around 15% more than normal – on a 75 degree day as Phoenix singles do on a 100 degree day.
      - Seattle singles date the same amount – around 8% less than normal – on a 45 degree day as Phoenix singles do on a 70 degree day.

    For more information on this study, please contact:

    David Pedersen

  • January 21, 2014

    Zoosk Success Story: Sharon and Michael from Gilbert, Arizona

    Congrats to Sharon and Michael from Gilbert, Arizona! The pair met on Zoosk and are very much in love. Sharon says her relationship felt natural from the get-go, and that Michael was such a great match for her, being with him was effortless. At Zoosk, we want everyone to have the best possible dating experience, which is why our Behavioral Matchmaking™ technology learns about the types of people you’re interested in as you click. This helps us present you with singles you’re most likely to hit it off with, the way Sharon and Michael hit it off.

    “We knew after the first conversation that we were definitely a match. Meeting each other face to face just confirmed our beliefs. We are committed to making this work and certainty clear at this age and stage in our life that this is what we both want. There is such a synchronistic movement between us. It feels so natural, no effort. I became aware of Zoosk from the Steve Harvey show. Thanks Zoosk for being the catalyst to bring my soulmate to me!”

    If you also met your soulmate while online dating on Zoosk, share your story with us at success [at] zoosk [dot] com! By submitting your success story and image, you agree that your submission is governed by the Zoosk Success Story Terms, as well as Zoosk’s Terms of Use Agreement. Happy Zoosking!