Congratulations to Juan and Czarina from Illinois!

Zoosk Success Couple Juan and Czarina

Love knows no borders, proven here by Juan and Czarina, who after over a year of video chatting finally met each other in person. They were married in 2013 and are still going strong!

He writes:

“Well I was single for a couple years which gave me time to work on myself after going through some hard times, then started getting lonely specially watching others enjoying life with their significant other and I always said to myself that can be me someday. So I decided to try dating sites after my cardiologist Dr. told me she found her husband online dating site and she showed me her big rock on her finger so I told her wow it does work because I had doubts about dating sites, so I gave it a try and I tried a few of them, one by one but no luck til I ran across Zoosk on Facebook.

I think I joined Zoosk around 2011 and that’s when I met my future wife, we video chat for a little over a year, met her family through video chat then decided to fly to the Philippines to meet her and more sparks flew when we saw each other in person at Manila airport. I thought here I am in a far away country finding my love crossing ocean to be with her and mind you I didn’t sleep for two days, didn’t sleep the day before my flight to the Philippines from Chicago and didn’t sleep throughout the entire time traveling but once it was bedtime at the hotel I hit that bed like a log!

I enjoyed my time in the Philippines with my love and I thought to myself what true love does to a person and how far I traveled, which I never thought I’d be in Asia but I’m glad I did and feel proud of myself in what I have accomplished. When I flew back to Chicago I started on my future wife’s visa papers right away and I finally was able to fly her to U.S. to Chicago and after a couple months we got married on November 19, 2013.

I thank Zoosk for this big change in my life and being able to find the love of my life. An advice to everyone please have patience and be careful who you give your heart to and make sure that person you are trying to get in a relationship with is sincere about themselves and to you and don’t ignore the red flags about a person and always be open for change in life.

Believe me there’s always someone for each and every one of you somewhere. I wish you all the best and good luck.”

We’re so happy to have helped bring Juan and Czarina together from one side of the world to the other, and wish them all the best for a lifetime of happiness together!


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