Congratulations to Priscilla and Jake from Rocklin, California!

Sometimes all you need is one person that shows you that it’s okay to let your guard down and be yourself. For Priscilla that person was Jake.

She writes:

“When my now current boyfriend messaged me on Zoosk, I was a bit skeptical and very short with my responses. He kept trying and eventually asked me a question that I couldn’t help but respond to with a really long answer. After that, we talked for a whole month before scheduling our first date. We went out for dinner and drinks. I was so nervous, with butterflies in my stomach. But as the conversation continued to flow smoothly through the evening, I started to relax and feel more comfortable around him. There was definitely a strong connection there! Even to this day, we can talk for hours in person and over the phone. I can’t thank Zoosk enough for helping me find my soul mate!”

You’re very welcome. We wish you two a wonderful journey ahead. 🙂


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