Amanda’s Story: Ditching the bad boys, finding the BEST guy


Posted by Joan Actually

Things were looking bleak for Amanda in Binghamton, NY. “I was sick of wasting my time,” she said. “I went on a few dates, and it didn’t turn into anything. I started giving up hope.” Just when she was ready to give up, something about Ron’s profile captured her heart: “To be honest when I started looking, Ron was far from a guy I would normally go for. I usually go for the “bad boy” look, but Ron was far from that. Something told me to give it a try. And, boy, am I glad I did!”

Three years after the first message, Amanda and Ron are married.

“Ron is always the first person I know to jump and help someone else, even if he already has a million of his own things going on. He thinks about everyone before himself–especially me. He will do whatever it takes to make me smile. He’s very dedicated to whatever he has going on, that includes our relationship which is why our trust is so strong. The saying ‘you’ll marry someone like your father’ is so true. My dad and Ron are two peas in a pod, which is awesome to me because family is a HUGE part of my life. I’m so lucky.”

Ron couldn’t be more perfect for Amanda; we’re so happy for your both!

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