August was a good month for love

Hurray! It’s that time of the month again, when we reveal the winning couple of the previous months’ Success Story contest. We’ve heard many beautiful love stories that left our hearts fluttering, but the August story that particularly tugged on our heartstrings was sent to us from a Zoosker from Detroit named Jason. He initially sent in this message on August 20, after he encountered a woman named Ang on Zoosk. In fact, he sent us this  success story before he actually met Ang in real life, while they were still just chatting on the phone!

I met someone on Zoosk named Ang who rocks my world.  We have been talking on the phone for around 3 weeks, sometimes 4-5 hours at a time.  Our conversations are very diverse, and quickly realized there may be something special here.  In reality, it is only on the phone, but we are both consistent and honest with each other.  That I do know.  Basically, we found that we are looking for similar things in our life and the compatibility between us is remarkably unbelievable!  We are excited because in 2 weeks I will make the 4 hour trip from Detroit to Cincinatti to meet her and already have the day planned out.  We both admit to being a little nervous, anxious (and all those good things), but it will be a relief to have finally met one another.

The message definitely stuck out to us. It was intriguing, romantic, and hopeful. Here was a guy who sent us a Success Story between himself and Ang, before they even met. That’s some bona fide, honest to goodness faith in another human being. It was as if Jason knew, before even seeing Ang for the first time, that he’d found someone special. The rest of the story will convince even the most hardcore cynic that two people really can meet online and make it work. On September 3, two weeks later, we heard from Jason again.

Things are going great between Ang and I. This Labor Day will be our second date.  The distance between the 2 of us is 4.5 hours, but well worth it from Detroit (my hometown) to Cincinatti.  Our first date was last Saturday.  After 4 weeks of talking on the phone every day for 3-4 hours, we finally met up at one of her favorite parks.  We embraced with a hug, and poor Ang was shaking a little bit.  So I told her, “Everything is okay and will be fine. Let’s have some fun!”  We took a walk on the trail that went around a small lake, did some chit chat, then went out for an early dinner, went put-putting, back to the park for some pictures and more conversation.  The one thing I did notice about Ang was that ‘look’ that she gave me: that stare into my eyes, my soul.  I guess after talking for so long on the phone and being emotionally attached to each other, when we finally met it was a big relief and weight off of our shoulders to finally look into each others eyes.  We held each other hands, hugged, kissed a few times, and we enjoyed each others company and still had that connection that was developed over the phone.  We still talk everyday and send emails to keep the communication strong.  I consider Ang a rare gem, someone who is hard to find, and I feel lucky to have ‘stumbled’ across her on Zoosk.  There is no way I will let 4.5 hours stop our relationship because she is one great woman and has so many genuine qualities that I am looking for.  The cool thing about Ang is that we have mutual respect for each other.  The way I feel about her, is the way she feels about me.  How do I know, well, because we tell each other every night!

And to this day, they are still going strong, despite the distance between them. So romantic! We wish Ang and Jason the very best.

August is over, and now it’s September. Have you met your love on Zoosk this month? Found a fun date, a significant other, or a life partner? Hit us up at We’ll select one story from September to feature right here on the Zoosk blog. If your love story is selected, we’ll send you a $100 gift card.

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