Congrats Jennifer and Thomas from Seattle, WA!


When “Dorothy” met her “Tin Man.” Jennifer shares her wonderful Zoosk story:

“I joined Zoosk in mid-2014, after months of bad luck with a laundry list of other sites. At first, I was skeptical that my experience here wouldn’t be any different; I found lots of attractive and interesting guys on Zoosk, but none seemed to quite “click.” Then, in November, I stumbled upon a new profile titled “TinManTheory.” Having grown up in Kansas and earning the nickname “Dorothy” for all four years of college in Oregon, I was immediately drawn to his handle. The rest of his profile showed him to be handsome, bright, articulate, creative, and a cat-lover — just what I was looking for! I wrote him a quick note, and waited for his reply. And waited. And waited.

A month passed, I moved on to other interesting profiles, and then out of the blue, I got a message from the Tin Man! Thomas — as he turned out to be called — met me for drinks the next day. A week later we met for dinner, and in no time we were spending almost every evening together.

By February, we were engaged. We married on May 2nd, and are already expecting our first child in November, nearly a year to the day from my first message to him! We’re both thrilled at our fortune, excited about the future, and enormously grateful to Zoosk for bringing us together!”


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