Congrats, soon-to-be-married Troy and Angela!

Congrats to Troy and Angela! They met two years ago on Zoosk and will be married this November!

Browsing our matches one day, I got a wink from a pretty lady. I looked at her pic, and her bio. Thought it over for a bit and winked back. We started chatting and found that we had a lot in common. After several months of this we decided it was time to meet.

That was October 11, 2009. Sure we have had our ups and downs. No relationship is perfect. But through it all we have never stopped loving each other. I love Angela now more than ever and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God that she is in my life. Come time for us to be married on November 12, it will be the most precious day in my life. Thank You Zoosk!

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