Congrats Stefani and Jason from Fort Bragg, California!


When Stefani met Jason, it was nothing short of love at first sight:

“When I came across Jason’s profile, I couldn’t help but notice his amazing smile and sparkling eyes. I said hello and he responded pretty quickly. We talked for hours that first night and learned we have a lot in common. The only problem was that we lived 2,500 miles apart.

Jason lived in Michigan and I lived in California. We spoke everyday for a few weeks before Jason booked a flight to visit me in California. He flew to San Francisco and drove 4 hours north to see me. When he walked up to my door and I opened it, we both knew instantly!”

We spent the next few days together, which were very special. It was sad to see him leave. We both knew we had to find a way to see each other again soon. During his visit, Jason interviewed for a management position at a local resort. A few weeks later, we were delighted to learn that Jason got the job!

The job is going well and Jason and I are head over heels in love. I am the happiest I have ever been…and so is Jason! We have learned that we have a lot more in common than previously thought, have had similar relationship experiences in the past, and are at the same point in our fitness journeys. We are exactly what the other has been looking for. We have even talked about marriage in the not so distant future!”


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