Congrats Steve and Lauren from Nevada, for falling in love on Zoosk!

Congrats Steve and Lauren from Nevada, for falling in love on Zoosk!

Dear Zoosk,

My boyfriend, Steve, and I are very thankful for your site as that is
how we met each other. All it took was one wink from him and we began
talking. We have talked practically every day since he first winked at
me. We both expressed very early on to each other, that we couldn’t
stop smiling and thinking about one another. We have a lot of the same
interests and ideas in music, movies, qualities we want in a
significant other, and what we want for our futures.

Steve asked me to meet him for lunch on January 4, 2010. We had lunch,
talked for awhile, and really hit it off. Meeting him for the first
time gave me butterflies. My heart skipped a couple beats when I first
laid eyes on him. I knew at that moment that I could totally see
myself with him and was so excited to see where things went from
there. From that day forward we were inseparable.

Steve asked me to be his girlfriend on January 13, 2010. We did
everything together from just hanging out at home and watching movies
to going to the casinos and playing poker. We love to make each other
laugh and are happiest just spending time together. Everything about
our relationship just feels so comfortable and seems to come so
natural. It all just fell into place perfectly. It feels like we’ve
known each other for a lot longer than we really have and are just
meant to be together.

Steve is an EOD tech in the United States Air Force and is stationed
at Nellis Air Force Base, here in Nevada. Steve wasn’t supposed to get
deployed until June 2010 however, the Air Force decided he was ready
to be deployed. Steve was sent to training in Florida on February 14,
2010. Before he left, we both knew that the early morning of
Valentine’s Day would be the last time we would see each other for
awhile because from there, he would then be deployed to Afghanistan.
This deployment caught us both off guard but we knew that no matter
what, we want to be together. Steve is now in Afghanistan and is
scheduled to come home this Fall.

So currently, I am a United States Air Force Girlfriend, waiting
patiently for my soldier to come home. I try my best to keep busy and
have great friends and family who have been helping me through this
unexpected early deployment. Steve and I are still in communication
pretty much every day. He has told me that he thinks of me always and
can’t wait to be back home by my side. We have really found true love.
He asked me to move in with him when he gets home, which is our plan.
We couldn’t be happier or more excited. I feel like he is “the one.”
People may think I’m crazy considering its only been a few months, but
this is the way I look at it: When everything falls into place
perfectly with that special person and you know in your heart that
they are who you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with, why
not take that leap of faith for that chance at a once in a lifetime
love? That’s what Steve and I have done, and I believe we truly have
found forever love. Taking that leap has honestly helped us since we
have been apart. Even though we miss each other a lot, I believe the
deployment, as hard as it can be at times, has only made our
relationship stronger and brought us closer. I have been sending him
care packages to keep him upbeat while he is there. We have been able
to talk on the phone, email and video chat which has really just put
me on cloud nine. You really start to realize how important life is
and that it truly is the little things in life that mean the most.
Just hearing his voice is enough to shoot me to the moon and back with
happiness. He truly means the world to me. I am so thankful for Steve
and the job he does, as well as all of the other men and women serving
in our armed forces. I ask that next time you see our flag flying,
think of all of the men and women putting their lives on the line each
and every day and night for your freedom; and think of all of the
countless significant others and family members who think about them
constantly and hope and pray for their safe return.

I am so thankful to have met Steve through Zoosk and can’t imagine my
life without him. When Steve gets home, we plan to pick up where we
left off and continue what we started. Military love definitely comes
with huge sacrifices from both people; however, we couldn’t see our
lives any differently or with anyone else. It’s said perfectly in our
song, “Two Is Better Than One”! Steve is the part of my life I’ve been
missing and I am so lucky to have found it in him. He is by far worth
the wait. I look forward to his return and can’t wait to start our
future together. Thank you Zoosk, for enabling the start of a
beautiful love story between a girl and her solider, which will
continue on for time to come. To Steve: P.S. I Love You! ♥

Sincerely, Lauren