Congrats to Ashley and Conor on their Zoosk success story

Congrats to Ashley and Conor for meeting and falling in love on Zoosk! Ashley wrote us to share their Zoosk success story:

Conor and I met through Zoosk on Jan 4, 2013, I was under the name “ashleymarie331” and his “Con A”. He sent me a “wink” and I was quick to respond. We talked on the site for roughly about a week before we found each other on Facebook. Through Facebook we talked more and more and got to know more about each other. Soon after we set a date to meet each other in Louisville, Kentucky for our first official meeting/date at Wick’s Pizza. Since then we have been dating and have plans to further our relationship. I’ve never used a dating website in my life and I made fun of the people in my life who have put themselves out there because I thought it was ridiculous. I always preached that you can never know the people who contact you through those sites and you should be leery about the information you give people about yourself but I was proven wrong. Yeah I met some weird people that I had to quickly block from my profile but Conor really stuck out. I was only a part of Zoosk for only a couple days before he “winked” me and after we met face to face it was only a few days after that before I canceled my subscription, he canceled his before I did. You really can find true love on dating sites and I know we have. We have plans in the future to expand our relationship and start a family, of course one step at a time, but it was Zoosk that really helped us meet one another. I’ve never met someone I can absolutely share everything with and be myself around and I know he feels the same.

We’re so happy for the couple and wish them all the best!

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Happy Zoosking!