Congrats to Bekki and Tom who found love on Zoosk!

Today we have a wonderful success story to share with you, from Bekki and Tom out in Michigan. They are absolutely adorable. Congrats to Bekki and Tom!

When I joined Zoosk, I was not sure what to expect. After having a few guys wink at me, and winking at some others, I came across Tom’s profile. I was quite impressed by it, and I winked at him.

We began emailing back and forth that same day!

We kept the emailing up for about a month, getting to know one another. A month after we started chatting on Zoosk, we went on our first date.

Before the end of the first date, we both knew that we had found the person we were meant to be with. Everything we both valued, and our goals lined up perfectly. We spent 4 hours just talking about life, and we felt that we had known one another forever.

Since then we have enjoyed every moment we spend together and are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives with one another. We feel as though we are in a modern day fairy tale — falling in love so quickly and being so incredibly happy. Thank you Zoosk!!!


What I love about this story is that Bekki was the one who made the first move. She was the one who messaged Tom first! Ladies, the guys on Zoosk love it when you make the first move. In our millennium, there’s no need to be demure as if we were in days of Queen Victoria.

Bekki and Tom were smart to get to know each other online, chatting on Zoosk for an entire month, before going on their first date. When online dating, it’s wise to really get a sense of someone before rushing to meet face-to-face. While the real test of a relationship is how well two people click in real life, it’s advisable not rush things too quickly so that when you do meet your mysterious internet friend in person, you feel safe and comfortable. Spending time to really learn about each other online also eases the awkwardness of a first meeting. Because you know more about each other, you have more things to talk about; you know the other person’s areas of interest, you have a history of communication, and you’ve already established some groundwork for interaction. If things get nerve-wracking, you can always talk about the topics you brought up online.

Congrats to Bekki and Tom for finding each other on Zoosk! We wish them all the best.

If you have your own Zoosk success story to share, send it to us with a photo of you and your loved one to success [at] zoosk [dot] com and if we showcase your story we’ll send you an online gift card as a token of our congratulations. Happy Zoosking!