Congrats to Kim and Andrew from the UK on their Zoosk success story!

Congratulations to Kim and Andrew, a happy Zoosk couple from the United Kingdom! This adorable Newcastle twosome met while online dating on Zoosk and felt an instant attraction as soon as they connected in person. As Kim writes in her Zoosk success story, the online attraction turned out to be love in real life.

Andrew and I met on late April after chatting on Zoosk for a number of weeks. I was separated at the time and Andrew was widowed. We’d both been through a difficult time in life.  We chatted using Zoosk email for a number of weeks before exchanging phone numbers. Then, on the  evening of Anzac Day I received a message from Andrew asking me on a date, he said “how about breakfast, lunch or dinner tomorrow?”….to which my response was….”how about breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow?”….It was agreed. We were to meet in Goldburg’s Cafe in Newcastle the following morning at 9am. When I arrived, the cafe was bustling with people, however, I recognised him straight away. We went inside, had breakfast and coffee, talked non-stop for two hours or so and then went in his car to the foreshore. Once there, we went for a stroll along the breakwall, chatting all the while. I wanted to kiss him then but refrained. Then it was on to The Brewery where a band was playing, we had a couple of beers and kept up on our conversation, learning more about each other. We somehow got onto the  subject of kissing and before I knew it we kissed. I felt all goose pimply and tingly, it was really lovely. Then to make sure it was good for both of us, we kissed again…more tingles! It was so exciting. The day flew by and ended for us both around 5pm. We both really connected and enjoyed each others company.

Our next date was at a little old pub in Morpeth called the River Royal Inn. It is quaint, really romantic and offers fine dining and boutique wines. We had a lovely meal and were really excited about seeing each other again. This is something that I feel we haven’t lost. We have been together now for 7 months and are very much in love. Our love keeps growing stronger as we grow together as a couple.

I fell in love with Andrew one night after we’d been out to dinner. After dinner we laid down on a picnic rug under the stars in the freezing cold and he sang to me. We kissed tenderly and at that moment I said to him that I could easily fall in love with him. He said the same to me. I had already fallen, hook, line and sinker. I declared my love for him that week. He knew how I felt and he was more reserved at that time. He said he had strong feelings for me also and that he wasn’t going to fight what was happening, he just needed more time. I felt a little silly for a while but we were able to talk about it. This was all so new for both of us as we’d both been in long term marriages. I wasn’t fighting what I felt and as time passed we grew closer and closer. Andrew was never far from my thoughts and he makes me smile. He has an awesome sense of humour and we enjoy a similar outlook on life with similar energy levels.

We have both been ever so lucky to find each other and we know that our future together is bright and that we will adore each other for a very long time still to come. To have found love at our age is awesome. Some things are simply meant to be! We both look forward to seeing each other and we talk often and never seem to run out of things to say. We tell each other often of our love and feelings and it’s really beautiful. When we are together it’s like nothing else matters, we are lost in each other completely. I look at Andrew with adoration and I see him looking at me the same way, we only have eyes for each other and there’s a great sense of security in that. All I ever wanted for such a long time was to feel loved and now I am! We both are!

Andrew makes me feel so alive, he makes my heart go boom, boom, boom & pitter-patter. He is very kind, caring, loving and such a beautiful person, a true gentleman. I feel ever so blessed to have him as my loving partner. Thank you Zoosk!

Congratulations Kim and Andrew! We wish the two of you all the happiness in the world. 🙂 Reader, do you have a Zoosk romance you’d like to share with us? If so, send it to success [at] zoosk [dot] com and we’ll happily share your story for you! For more success stories, check out Zoosk’s success story archives. If you like what you see, fan us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and make sure you check out our romantic videos on ZooskTV!