Congrats to Matt & Annely from Australia!

Congrats to Zooskers Matt and Annely from Australia! The couple met on Zoosk and now they’re married! Matt wrote to share his Zoosk success story:

My name is Matt. I’m 27 and from Australia. I just wanted to share our success story, thanks to Zoosk, of falling in love and getting married. My wife’s name is Annely, and she was in Australia on a working holiday visa at the time.

I joined Zoosk as a bit of a dare from my mates as I had been single for a while and not interested in the “usual” way of meeting girls in clubs etc, and Annely joined to try and make some friends in Australia while she was here. We first contacted each other through Zoosk last year, and then used Facebook and mobiles to chat to each other for several months before we met. We used to play 20 questions with each other as a bit of a game to get to know one another, taking it in turns to ask a question. After a while we realised we had so much in common and decided to meet. I then realised she would be returning to Italy once her visa had expired, and that I couldn’t live without her .. So I took her away to a nice beach not too far from us for the weekend and proposed to her on the cliff, with ring in hand. Now we are married and living together with a kitten we adopted from an animal rescue centre. We are both young and full of life .. and you have turned us both into believers that its not just losers or weirdos that fall in love online!!

I’m so happy that you introduced me to the girl of my dreams, and now we have a whole life ahead of us to grow together and build our future. I hope this makes you as happy as it has made us, so keep it up and THANK YOU!!

We with Matt and his wife Annely all the best. If you’ve got a Zoosk success story, send it to us at success [at] zoosk [dot] com – and don’t forget to set up your free Zoosk Couple Profile. Happy Zoosking!

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