Congrats to Paul and Patti! They’re engaged!

Congrats to Paul and Patti on their engagement! This Zoosk couple met last year and will be married this autumn! We were thrilled to receive a message from Paul telling us how he and Patti met:

I joined the Zoosk community in May 2010, within 2 weeks I received a simple “Hi! Saw your photo and had to at least say hello”. So I responded with “Hi, now tell me more.”

A few Zoosk mails and then emails and phone calls later we were chatting on a regular basis. I was working out of town at the time so I couldn’t even meet her for a simple coffee. One weekend I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and arranged to see her. I drove right after an evening shift at work, basically from 11pm to 8 am. We had an early breakfast meeting and ended up spending the entire day together. I then drove home that night so that I could be at work the next morning. The end result was 46 hours awake! But 100% worth it.

I returned back to our home city a few weeks later and we have been inseparable. In fact Patti and I are engaged to be married in Sept 2011! I want to thank Zoosk for helping us change our lives for the better.


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