Congrats to Tracey and Laney from the United Kingdom

Congrats to Laney and Tracey from the UK on their relationship! The couple met on Zoosk last February and are planning on an engagement.

Laneybobs (me) and Diablo (Tracey Ingleson) met on Zoosk Feb 2010. We were both happy being single and we were both on the site to meet new people. We had similar interests on our profile and started talking about some of our favorite movies. We eventually found that we had a lot in common. We became online friends. Then we swapped numbers and quickly after that, we were chatting for hours nearly every day! There was an obvious attraction starting and we decided to meet in person. As soon as we met, we knew it more more than just a friendship. We began a long distance relationship; I lived in Merseyside and Tracey lived in Yorkshire. Then, last October, we took the next step and moved in together. Our relationship is just as fresh as it was at the beginning. Tracey has asked me about marriage — and once she has become a bit more brave and asked my Dad for his blessing (which I know he will give) we will be officially engaged to be married! Thanks to Zoosk.

Congrats, Tracey and Laney! We’re so happy for you! Hey – you reading this – do you have a success story you want to share as well? Send it to us on this form and we’ll be happy to feature it!