Congratulations to Adele and Larry from Canada!

The heart that loves is always young. Adele feels young at heart.

She writes:

“Larry and I connected on Zoosk with a shared interest in our dogs. I was 45 minutes late to our first date, but he waited for me and the restaurant even remained open a full hour longer than usual to allow us to enjoy our conversation and laughter. Our second date was at a dog park where Larry succeeded in losing my  dog. If he had not found my favorite four-legged male, Coton, it might have been his last date. His heroic rescue efforts won him a hug and a kiss, and my heart. We have been together almost every day since then. We are enjoying an amazing, loving connection as vibrant seniors in our 70s. We look forward to a fun journey ahead. We wish the same for all Zoosk members. Thank you Zoosk!”

We’re thrilled to hear that Adele and Larry are living such vibrant and happy lives. 🙂


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