Congratulations to Adrian and Frances from Junction City, Kansas!


When your soulmate is also your best friend, it’s a truly special thing. That’s how Adrian describes his relationship with Frances. He writes:

“In May 2010, I moved to Kansas to continue my service in the military. I was a single father of a two year old boy at the time. I thought trying Zoosk was a smart way to meet more people in the area. After I joined, I came across Frances’ profile. She had a beautiful smile and gorgeous curly black hair. I sent her a wink and started a conversation. As the days went by, we talked on the phone and learned a lot about one another. We were both married at one point, we both had children, and we were both very hard working individuals.

It took us a little time to meet in person because she worked a lot and lived 50 miles away. But, I was very patient and did not give up. When we finally met, we hit it off instantly! So much so that it took us 45 minutes to order our food after we sat down at the restaurant. It was the best date I have ever had!

Since that first date, we have been through two deployments, and have welcomed a beautiful baby boy. What makes us perfect for each other is that we are best friends. With four kids between us, deployments, school, and careers, we somehow find a way to balance everything out, and live a truly happy life.”

We wish them Adrian and Frances many more years of happiness! 🙂


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