Congratulations to Alessandro and Ashley from Pensacola, Florida!

Nothing compares to having beautiful conversations with a like-minded soul. Alessandro knows this all too well.

He writes:

“I had never tried online dating before Zoosk. A few weeks after being on Zoosk, I winked at this amazing woman and we began chatting. It was a nice, smooth, playful, and interesting conversation. After being lost in conversation for an hour an a half, I realized that I didn’t even know her name or where she was from. So, we quickly exchanged our personal information and chatted some more. We continued having great conversations online and over the phone until we finally met. The date was the best date I had ever had! We have so much in common and are very alike—to the point where we gifted each other the same thing for Christmas. Ashley is my girlfriend now and I am the happiest man in the world. It’s better than being in a movie.”

Aww, congrats again! Ashley sounds like a keeper. 😉


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