Congratulations to Bonnie and Paul from Forest Hills, New York!

You don’t marry someone you can live with, you marry the person you can’t live without. Bonnie said “I do” to the man she knew she couldn’t live without.

She writes:
“Paul contacted me on Zoosk, and then asked to speak on the phone. We connected immediately, laughing like old friends. We met up in-person at Columbus Circle, and when our eyes met, he smiled at me, and it was as if I saw an angel. We spent hours walking in Central Park and dining in the city. When he touched my hand at dinner, I knew I was deeply in love with him! He is my righteous rockstar, my valiant hero, and my perfect soulmate. Today, we’re married and living with his wonderful son (Matthew), our dog (Max), and our three delightful kitties (Abby, Rocky, and Jelly Bean).”

Congratulations you two! 🙂


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