Congratulations to Dixie and Kris from Maryland!

Zoosk Success Couple Dixie and Kris

To be able to enjoy the simple things in life with someone – is there anything better than that? Dixie is doing just that with Kris after finding him on Zoosk. She shared their story with us.

How did it all start? What was your first date like?

“He messaged me first and I was drawn to his profile. We messaged back and forth for a couple weeks and then decided to meet. We met at a fall festival and it was an instant click. We walked and talked for a while. Then met at a nearby restaurant for lunch. We sat there and talked for hours before the restaurant closed for the day.”

What do you like the most about your partner?

“He definitely puts forth an effort to show me how much he cares. He goes out of his way to enjoy the simple things in life with me.”

What advice would you give to other Zoosk members still looking for love?

“It’s a good thing to wait for the one that makes you feel butterflies. Don’t settle just to be with someone. Life is too short to be anything but happy!”

Your story has warmed our hearts! We are thrilled to have helped bring you two together. Keep feeling those butterflies and enjoying every moment together!


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