Congratulations to Kelly and Her “True Country Gentleman”!


Kelly was ready to meet someone special, but Welch, Minnesota isn’t exactly the easiest place to find the right match. She decided to give Zoosk a try and couldn’t be happier with the results. After a few weeks of learning Kelly’s preferences, Zoosk prioritized Ryan at the top of her list: “So Ryan had just activated his account and less than two hours later I had messaged him,” Kelly says. “Apparently our compatibility was near 100% and his blue eyes just took me!”

During their first date, lunch at the Quarterback Club in Northfield, Minnesota, Kelly was growing more interested. “He could keep the conversation going and made me feel very comfortable,” she said. But, it wasn’t until the second date that she fell in love. “You see, he went in for the kiss and completely missed. He sorta touched my lip,” she said. “We both started laughing and gave it another shot. That kiss was awesome!”

From the second date onwards, the two have been inseparable. Kelly let us know that our matching worked perfectly: “Thank you Zoosk….you found me a true country gentleman.”

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