Congratulations to Janice and Matt from Canada!

Zoosk Success Couple Janice and Matt

Another Zoosk Marriage! 🙂 Janice and Matt recently got married on November 15th, 2019. If you aren’t having much luck finding love, Janice has some pearls of wisdom for you! She shared their story with us.

How did it all start? What was your first date like?

“Started November 15th, 2013. I was just gonna forget about meeting people as it was too overwhelming – long story. He sent me a message on his belief in love and it was the same as mine. He was going on a business trip the next day, passed through my work, met me and our first date was 2 days later. Sat at the waterfront, talked, went out to lunch and met his friends. I told my mom after the third date that he was the one I was gonna marry.”

What can you tell us about the wedding?

“Married in Hamilton, Ontario on our 6 year anniversary after meeting on Zoosk. He is my Prince Charming to my Cinderella. We are the perfect pair, same height and almost same build. It was the fairy-tale wedding we dreamed and hoped for.”

What do you like the most about your partner?

“He is an inspiration to some people, he has dealt with a lot. His story came out to the point a young man that was in despair heard his story and decided he didn’t want to give up anymore. He is a socializer, will do anything to help someone and has your back no matter what. He doesn’t let people tell him he can’t because he’ll prove he can.”

What advice would you give to other Zoosk members still looking for love?

“Everyone is looking for that supermodel, always judging the book by its cover but if you don’t open the book to read the pages you could be missing the beauty. Just because someone might be beautiful on the outside doesn’t mean they are beautiful on the inside. You don’t want someone with an ugly heart, you want that rare beauty.”

The warmest congratulations to you newlyweds! We are so happy you found each other and wish you all the best for the future!


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