Congratulations to Jeff and Liz from Half Moon Bay, California!

Jeff and Liz are two fun loving people who have a joie de vivre, which is what ultimately brought them together.

He writes:

“Liz and I met on Zoosk. After sitting in a restaurant for two and a half hours getting to know each other, we went on to become close friends. At that time, I wasn’t ready to get into a relationship. But, it was good for me to get out there and socialize. We continued to date other people (and even gave each other dating advice along with a thumbs up or down on dates). Heck, Liz even became my personal stylist and helped me get a new wardrobe so I could look sharp for the ladies. As Liz got to know me, she saw me as a devoted and loving friend. One day, Liz‘s mom, gave her some sound advice. She said, ‘Don’t be afraid. Open your heart up to him. He may be the one.’ Clearly, she was right! Yes, even at a ripe old age (with many challenges faced), one can have the good fortune of meeting a soulmate. Thank you Zoosk for allowing me to meet mine.”

We’re glad Jeff and Liz took a leap and dove into the sea of love. We wish them a lifetime of joy. 🙂


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