Congratulations to Jenny and Ryan from Midland, Texas!

It’s the little things that make life big. Jenny and Ryan understand this all too well.

She writes:
“Ryan first messaged me on Zoosk asking if I enjoyed traveling. Then one night, he asked if he could call me because he really wanted to hear my voice. We talked for 3-4 hours that first night. We met at Texas Burger that week for our first date. We had a super easy conversation, and both did not want the lunch hour to end. Since then, we have spent just about every lunch hour together (since we work down the street from each other). On most days, we pack a picnic, and go to the park to eat and just enjoy each other’s company. He is nothing less than amazing, and everything I have wanted and needed since my divorce. He’s sweet, kind, protective, adventurous, and tons of fun! We both feel blessed to have each other in our lives.”

Aww, we’re glad Jenny and Ryan met and are having a lovely time dating. Congratulations! 🙂


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